Business Support Services in Conroe, Texas: A Comprehensive Guide

Conroe is a great place to do business and the city actively invests in supporting the business community. The Conroe Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) provides local businesses with the practical support they need to resolve challenges and seize opportunities quickly. The CEDC's business retention and expansion program is designed to promote the growth and development of local businesses, regardless of their size. The Support Services Division is led by Lieutenant James Waller, who can be contacted at 936-522-3234. This team serves as a focal point in the state for startups and small businesses of all sizes in urban, suburban, and rural communities.

The Firearms Training Center and its assigned employees organize continuing education courses for Houston-area FBI agents, Conroe Police Department officers, Conroe Fire Department fire chiefs, FBI and Conroe Police SWAT teams, and many other local law enforcement agencies. The Governor's Office of Small Business Assistance and the Office of Business Permits provide Texas small and medium-sized businesses with promotion, business support, education, and technical assistance. On average, each Conroe company has 4.34 cable service providers available in their location. The Office of Business Permits helps navigate the Texas regulatory, licensing, and permit environment and helps resolve issues related to permits.

Business Advantages in Conroe

In addition to practical support, business parks, and financial incentives, Conroe offers a range of business advantages. All in all, Conroe is the 63rd most competitive city in the state out of 1,399 cities when it comes to business broadband connectivity.

Among all the companies that call Conroe home, the most important sectors in terms of employment are retail, lodging and food services, and manufacturing.

Contacting the Small Business Support Team

To contact the small business support team, use the governor's small business resource portal and you'll have the option to schedule a call with the team at the bottom of the personalized results list.


Conroe is an ideal place for businesses of all sizes to thrive. With its comprehensive business support services provided by CEDC and other organizations, businesses can take advantage of a range of benefits such as broadband connectivity, financial incentives, business parks, and more. To get started on your business journey in Conroe or learn more about its services, contact Lieutenant James Waller or use the governor's small business resource portal.

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