Business Resources for Entrepreneurs in Conroe, Texas: A Comprehensive Guide

The Conroe Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) is devoted to providing local businesses with the resources they need to tackle challenges and seize opportunities. Our comprehensive business retention and expansion program is designed to promote the growth and development of local businesses, regardless of size. Our business expansion and retention team is committed to responding to all requests for assistance from company representatives. Welcome to the Small Business Resource Portal! This portal provides links to resources that can help entrepreneurs start or grow their business.

Simply answer five simple questions to customize your results. The more information you provide, the more tailored your results will be. Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Our office offers assistance with SBA services, including funding programs, counseling, federal contracting certifications, and disaster recovery.

We can also connect you with our partner organizations, lenders, and other community groups that support small businesses. Montgomery Self Storage has noticed an increasing trend of small businesses relying on self-storage as part of their operations. In addition to practical support, business parks, and financial incentives, Conroe offers a variety of business advantages. Are you an entrepreneur in Conroe or Montgomery County, Texas looking for additional resources? Look no further! Advisory staff provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with free services such as personalized business advice, industry-specific expertise, government contracting opportunities, webinars, and in-person training classes.

If you own a small business in Conroe, Texas and are a US citizen, you may be eligible to apply for several small business grants to expand your business. This important business assistance and resource program is organized by the SHSU School of Business Administration. We understand that small business owners need to make the most of every dollar and have the ability to scale up or down as their business fluctuates.

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